About Our Team

Aloha and Welcome!


At Kama'aina Mortgage Group, we are committed to ethical and honest lending. It is our priority to build a relationship with our clients to ensure the best financing option with the most value.

Our Simple Process

Whether you are purchasing your first home, or you are a seasoned buyer looking to cash out equity, you have landed at the perfect place! There are nearly as many loan options as there are homeowners. We will listen to your needs, then match you with the best loan. You can pay down your balance faster, consolidate high-interest revolving debt, or cash a check to use toward your dream vacation, home improvements, or college tuition — anything you can think of!

Here is our simple process:

  • Fill out our quick questionnaire online or call us directly. (808)426-7652
  • One of our licensed loan officers will contact you and answer all of your questions.
  • Our professional loan officer will review your credit and recommend the best loan for your needs. You can be pre-approved or even pre-qualified.
  • Our team will guide you throughout the required documentation process.
  • Home run — you will be closing on your new loan with ease.

Why Choose Us

If you have been shopping around for the right mortgage company, look no further. At KMG Hawaii, we do more than close loans. We create a long-term bond with our clients. It is important to us to continue on being a support to you and your loved ones with your financial well-being in mind, whether through reducing your loan payments, getting you cash from your home equity, or sharing valuable financial information.

  • We are a licensed direct lender with a team of professional and knowledgeable loan officers.
  • We CARE and are committed to being of service to you and our community through doing our very best: making your home and investments affordable.
  • It is easy to meet us face to face. Forget about sending your documents to the mainland. Instead, come to our office and feel at ease knowing that your lender is local.
  • Communication is important to us. Our staff is trained to respond to you and on behalf of you in a timely manner.