Dipak G. of Honolulu, HI

June 11, 2013

I bought my first house with Brian! I say "with" because I would not be in my home without his standing with me. I would have worked with him even without all the extras that he provides. Quite simply, he gave me the best deal. But even more than that, he prepared me prior to ever finding the right house, he talked my worried father through all the paperwork, he supported all my "cold feet" moments, and we made it! Most important is that Brian has a very cool temperament in a situation that often feels like a roller coaster ride. The best way I can put it would be to say that he is a true professional. Separately, he helped guide friends of mine who had outside financing to understand their loans when they were confused by all the different aspects. A year later, he still lets me know if he thinks I may not be aware of something important as a first time home buyer, such as property taxes or an update on insurance. I wholeheartedly recommend Brian and will definitely team up with him again in the future.