What We Can Do For You

Our “KMG Hawaii Ohana Agreement” makes us different from other mortgage companies. It is an agreement we have successfully implemented between our loan officers and our clients, in which we commit to the following: 

The KMG Hawaii Ohana Agreement

  • Listen to what you want to achieve with your loan and financial vision
  • Get your loan approved quickly
  • Calculate your borrowing capacity
  • Review your source of income, debt, and down payment
  • Determine what monthly payments would be comfortable for you
  • Check your credit and advise you on how to improve it
  • Be your partner in getting your dream-home loan approved or refinanced
  • Answer any of your loan questions
  • Consistently communicate clearly and timely with you via phone, in person at our office, and/or through email

If you don’t have a realtor

Feel free to choose one from our list of experienced realtors. We have carefully selected them to ensure that they uphold KMG Hawaii’s high level of customer service and professionalism. Contact us and we will match you with the realtor that best suits your interests.

If you already have a realtor

We have a reputation for strong work ethics amongst realtors in Hawaii. Our loan officers have come through where competitors have fallen short. Let your realtor know that you would like to use one of our qualified loan officers.