Getting Qualified

At Kama'aina Mortgage Group, we take your loan application to another level. It is our priority to use our extensive knowledge, experience, and resources to provide the best loan option for you. 


This is your first step as a home buyer to take before shopping for your new home. The pre-qualification process is simple enough to do over the phone. If you are not completely ready to buy a home yet, but would like to have a game plan for the near future, then getting pre-qualified is the perfect option for you.

The process is easy: give your KMG Hawaii loan officer an idea of how much you would like to borrow, and answer a few questions about your income, debt, and assets. Pulling your credit score is not necessary, although it is recommended for a more accurate quote.

Before you decide where you want to head, first find out where you are now.



Being pre-approved is very different from being pre-qualified. If you are ready to buy your home, pre-approval is the best option for you. You can save time by having your offers accepted faster, and you can save money by having the negotiation power to bargain a lower purchase price.

Being ahead of the game is especially advantageous if you are in a tight-inventory real estate market such as Hawaii, New York City, San Francisco, or Phoenix.

Pre-approved home buyers are usually taken more seriously by the seller. This gives you an advantage and can reduce your stress, making shopping for your home much more enjoyable.

The pre-approval process requires more documentation than the pre-qualification process. Check our Needs List for specific documents or call us directly. (808)426-7652