How to Speed Up the Loan Process

The 5 B's

  1. Be organized and ready: Have all of your documents organized in one place, such as a manila folder. Store them in a safe, easily accessible place. See our Needs List for the required documents.
  2. Be upfront and honest: Fill out the loan application with clarity and honesty. Omitting any information will delay the process and may even be cause for being declined. Once you provide all of the necessary information, your loan officer will be equipped to quickly give you the best loan for you. We may ask for more details such as reasons for late payments, delinquencies, and/or loss of wages. Know that we keep all of your information confidential, and that we are Judgement Free. Our goal is to get you approved no matter your circumstances.
  3. Be quick to respond: The banks may ask us to furnish more information and documents on your behalf. This could be a good sign because they’re showing interest in the loan. Please supply the additional items quickly — your prompt response will support us in finding the lowest rate for you.
  4. Be appraiser friendly: Just as it is important to turn in all of the necessary documents in a timely manner, it is crucial to schedule your appraiser’s appointment early on. Many homeowners are taking advantage of all-time low interest rates, which means appraisers are in high demand.  Book your appointment as soon as possible and be there to let the appraiser into your home.
  5. Be our client: We have a long list of happy clients — become one of them. We are conveniently located in town, near Don Quijote, Honolulu. Call us to set up an appointment to meet in person, or, if you prefer, we can handle the entire loan process by phone.